Spokes and Donuts 

If your not living on the edge, your taking up to much space


Tori and I

Statue,  San Diego

Brother Lance

Master and Commanders Ship

Star of India, San Diego

Campground Potrero California


Sacred Oaks campround

Stealth Camping

Sign says it

Felicity California

I 94

I found Wallys World




























































Finaly heading out

Ship used in Masters and Commander movie, San Diego

Chula Vista, where I head east

Ship pulling in when I was there

Statue again, next to Midway aircraft carrier

Tori and I at Smugglers cave La Jolla California

Took I 94 out of San Diego, dangerous, no shoulder but worth it for the views

after Otay mesa cali

Another small town on I 94

Rest Stop



Border fence I 94

Campo California

Campo California

Campo California

Sacred Oaks campground california

Drum circle at Sacred Oaks

Maze at Sacred Oaks

 Sacrifice, stones look like small hearts

My cabin at Sacred oaks

Community Park

Harry from london

Jucumba California

Al most at AZ

Stealth Camping

Old I 80

Stealth Camping