Spokes and Donuts 

If your not living on the edge, your taking up to much space


Food seems to be the favorite pass time of travelers.

Most of the time I just point at what looks good, like below.

I have only picked a couple bad items over the years, the rest have always been awesome.


forgot where


 Sign says it all, Cambodia


This is one of my favorites in Bangkok, its at the Paragon Mall and is a chinese dish called Marboh Men.

It is really just speghetti noodles with pork and I think tofu.


The tea lady in China Town Bangkok


When I feel like home food, I stop at Sunrise Tacos in Bangkok and get a Mexican Pizza


Soup in Phnom Penh























































Bangkok noodle dish


Thai chicken and basil(gai pad krapow)


Hoy Tod a mussul in fried eggs with a lot of chilli's



French Onion soup. When in Cambodia, you must do french food, the influence of french cooking never left Cambodia. My first memories of Phnom Penh was the smell of butter bread. If you have ever been to asia, bread is not big on their diet.


Khmer restaurant Cambodia


Khmer shrimp and asparagus


Another favorite of mine, Laab Moo, spicy pork salad. Thailand


Som Tam, Thai spicy papaya salad


Marbon Men


Sihanoukville Cambodia local favorite

after, it was good


Another favorite in Sihanoukville, beef and rice


Tom Yum, very spicy thai soup


Eggs Florentine, Siam Reap, Cambodia

 A good try at a burrito in MBK mall bangkok, but it failed