Spokes and Donuts 

If your not living on the edge, your taking up to much space


Tombstone AZ


Siam Reap cambodia


Store dolls Thailand


MBK Thailand


Bus Decor Thailand


Siam Reap Cambodia


Elsie's studio Thailand


Air Tank filler Thai Navy Museum


Doll Shrine Campo California


Acupunture doll sisters house


Predator Pattaya Thailand


Yen Yang hose that is always there.  Dywanes house

Where the F&%K

Ekamai Bangkok Thailand


MBK Bangkok Thailand


Street Drummer Bangkok

Community Park out side Yuma AZ

Bus Decor Thailand

Indiana Airport

San Diego

Pattaya Thailand

Skytrain at MBK Thailand

Stall Shrine in MBK Bangkok

Sign Says it all